Trudy van der Pijl

  • enthusiastic

  • no-nonsense

  • collaboration-oriented

Trudy began her career as a pension lawyer and a corporate lawyer for the Pension Fund for the Transport and Port Authorities and with pension insurer Optas. In 2000, she made the switch to Legal Aid and started working with a legal aid insurer as a legal advisor for labour law and pension rights. She has been working as an attorney since 2012.

Trudy has extensive experience with a wide range of labour issues, from amendments to employment conditions to the dissolution of contracts and everything else related to these issues. In her view, to find the best solution in labour issues it is always wise to take each other’s interests and motives into consideration.

She also has extensive experience with pension matters and related issues. Amongst other things, she focuses on admission to pension insurance schemes, the explanation of pension regulations and policy conditions and the related changes, financing issues, work disability pension, non-contributory continuation in case of work disability, early retirement and pre-pension schemes. Trudy is a member of the Association for Pension Law.